Nation Unsubscribes from ParkRidge47's YouTube Feed

Yes, of course, the worst one-man massacre in American history happened on Monday. This is still the least funny thing you've seen all week. ParkRidge47, the Democratic consultant who created the Obama/Hillary/Apple/Orwell "1984" video, is back with a... I guess you've call it a "parody" of The Office. Not even the good Office - the remake with the physically attractive American actors.

So what was your favorite part? The static images of despair? The ill-fitting callback to stuff Wolfowitz said in 2003? The fat guy who used the word "sex"? Or did you get bored and start watching the awesome Peter Gabriel documentary in the "related video" window?

Hang on, we just remembered something - the "1984" video wasn't funny either.

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- David Weigel


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