National Blog Like an Idiot Year

When a child is acting up, demanding attention, often the best strategy to correct their behavior is to ignore them -- deprive them of the attention they crave, to demonstrate that it's best won with good behavior. We have tried that, o'er these last few weeks, with playwright/satirist/critic/author/blogger David Mamet. But today, well, we're giving in. We never said we were good with kids. And, really, can you blame us?


It is difficult to express in text the sound we made when we saw this cartoon. But it was something very close to "AAAAARRGH," actually. Your keen ear for casual speech hasn't failed you this time, Dave! Though that doesn't really make up for the fact that this is the stupidest thing we've seen all week, and we watched The Situation Room on Tuesday.

National "Talk Like a Pirate" Decade [HuffPo]

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