National Review: Weiner Scandal Is Like Urban Youth With the Hip Hop


He may be able to fly all through the night, But can he rock a party ’til the early light? He can’t satisfy you with his little worm, But I can bust you out with my super sperm!Let us get something out of the way, first: We almost totally agree with the National Review Online "The Corner" writer who typed this about the Anthony Weiner scandal. The whole story is gross and doesn't really matter and says very little about us, as a people, except for what we already know -- that we're a gross nation of gross people doing gross things, on Twitter. But, because it was published on the National Review comedy blog, "The Corner," it needed some ridiculous and offensive racial stereotype thrown in there, just to maintain institutional equilibrium. In other words, Anthony Weiner twit-picking his yfrog to some gal was just like the black youth and their loud hip-hop.

Ready? Here you go!

Weiner didn’t commit adultery or anything near adultery. He committed tasteless stupidity, and there’s no law against that. When reporters first asked him about the expose reports, he should have said “Butt out.”

The biggest offense in this case is the dirtying of the public airwaves and news-waves with ugly, trivial junk; it’s an offense like the one that used to be popular a generation ago with “urban youths,” who would carry around giant boom boxes and play music (or whatever it was) at deafening volumes.

Ha ha, was that even music, the racket those break-dancers would play through their ghetto blasters, when Reagan was president? Sounds more like some cannibals playing bongos! [National Review Online]


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