National Review Writer Accidentally Writes True Thing

This doesn't ever really happen, so we thought the moment should be memorialized: Andrew McCarthy, theNational Review/"Brat Pack" blogger, wrote a sentence that in its clarity and honesty is unlike all other National Review Online sentences: "What really increases terrorist recruitment is invading Muslim countries, killing Muslims there, and staying to try to build Western democracies." The context? Who cares! We are not reading the whole thing because it will just be dumb, and probably about how Muslims could have American Democracy if they wanted, but they don't, because they hate freedom and love sharia. Oh no, now we're going to have to look and see if he actually wrote that, too ... yep, he wrote it.

Ha ha sorry, Andrew McCarthy, but we cannot out-parody you:

They understand the principles of our democracy. They just don’t want them. Any democracy worth promoting is a democracy that runs afoul of key sharia-law principles.

3/14 Never Forget: National Review Muslim-Hater Andrew McCarthy wrote something true on this day, but it was submerged at the bottom of his usual dumb bullshit. [National Review]


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