National Review's John Derbyshire: Trippin' Out

sexy motherfucker...National Review commentator John Derbyshire reveals his acid-dosing past:

Way back in my wasted youth I did, like all the rest of you, a lot of seriously foolish things. One thing I did was mess around with... substances. Well, this included an acid phase. One day I took far too much of the stuff and went into a very peculiar state. One feature of it was that it had a **sound track**; and the main thing I remember about the sound track was Don & Phil singing "Dream." The creepy thing was the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT quality of the recording (all this inside my head, of course). It was as faultlessly clear -- every word, every note -- as if they were there in the room with me. And it was on a loop, over and over.
Wow. I'm floored. That is actually so awesome that I'm going to start trying to replicate it right now.

The Corner [National Review Online]


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