Nation's Premier Political Journalists Mock Your Foolish "Voting"

alienposter2.jpgOver in the Times, our buddy Adam Nagourney has a brilliant "Political Memo" which straight-up says it: even if the Democrats win, they will still be losers. So true! We've been saying it for months. Charlie Cook predicting mass suicide! Preemptive blaming of Howard Dean! It's so beautiful.

And here in the Post, we have VandeHei and Balz's "Angry Campaigns Finish Angrily With Great Anger" (photo illustration: John McCain and Bob Corker, who are angry, angry men), the story of the angriest American election since the last one, staggering "to an angry close."

So there you have it, Voters of America -- according to the two most serious and influential newspapers in the nation, your candidate is a surly loser. Hooray for Democracy! Now go stand in line (it's probably raining, right?) and wait for forty-five minutes for a broken voting machine to pretend to "record" your "vote."

For Democrats, Even a Gain May Feel Like a Failure [NYT]

Angry Campaigns End on an Angrier Note [WP]


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