Nation's Sexiest Supervisor in Meth-Fueled Sex-Tape Sexytime

Nation's Sexiest Supervisor in Meth-Fueled Sex-Tape Sexytime

Do you see that lady? She is Nadia Lockyer, Alameda County, California, supervisor. Do you see that man? That is herhusband, California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer. We know, right? So you could maybe understand why she has been having (allegedly) meth-feuled sex-tape sexytime with some dude she met in rehab (because of course), and then she (allegedly) straight-up beat that dude's ass when it looked like he was still boning other ladies.

(And what about her actual husband, 70-year-old Democrat Bill Lockyer? Clever GOP operative types like to insert the word "nurse" or "nursing" into any press release about him, because of how they say he likes to dress up as a nurse. See? Clever. Or what's the opposite of that? Right. Stupid.)

First, after Nadia got herself hospitalized following a brawl in a Newark Sex Hotel (!), Bill and Nadia claimed the sex-affair dude was an ex-boyfriend (of Nadia's) who was stalking her. But in many SHOCKING TWISTS -- including Bill just happening to send Nadia's sexts with her "ex" to a DA, for investigatin' -- it now seems, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, that Nadia and her "ex" are still fighting the good fight. With meth, sex-tapes, and love!

Her cheating heart, apparently, gives Bill Lockyer a sad, so he (allegedly) got in touch with his wife's boyfriend's father, and asked this dude's dad to erase said sex tape from his son's sexy computer, which is probably mostly filled with sexts, sex-tapes, and home recipes for bathtub methamphetamine. And the sex-tape also (allegedly!) gave Bill Lockyer a little boner of his own, because he reportedly has watched it.

Nadia is back in rehab again, where hopefully she will meet a nicer boyfriend. [San Francisco Chronicle]


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