NATO Finally Agrees To Take Command of Libyan 'Easy Part'


Hooray, the plan worked! Sort of ... NATO will take "command" of the no-fly zone enforcement, but still refuses to have anything to do with the "dropping bombs" and "blowing shit up" part. So, America will continue the command of the blowing-shit-up part of the non-war.

  • Reuters: "NATO countries agreed on Thursday to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya to protect civilians against Muammar Gaddafi's forces, but fell short of a final agreement to take full command of all military operations in the North African state."
  • The Independent: "The decision to run parallel campaigns, with Nato's military headquarters planning missions against Gaddafi's air forces, but a separate US chain of command dealing with ground attacks, will set alarm bells ringing among military planners, given the scope for confusion and duplication it brings. "

So, uh, that's taken care of! Carry on, doing whatever!


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