NATO Is Dumb About Facts!


Huh?Oh man, NATO has earned itself the ire of smartass AP writers -- you know this must be bad! First sentence: "It seems NATO may also stand for Not All That Observant." EASY NOW, easy. It turns out the video people at the NATO summit in Chicago don't know important facts, like how Barack Obama was raised in Kenya, or that the capital of Illinois is a log cabin in Peoria, or that the Chicago Tribune was founded by Michael Jordan.

Other things that NATO gets wrong is its belief that it has a purpose anymore, but these are big-time errors, too:

A video posted on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization website ahead of its upcoming summit in Chicago got a few things wrong: identifying Chicago as Illinois' capital, identifying the city as the place Obama grew up and identifying the wrong man as the founder of the Chicago Tribune.

This is when the AP writer really lays into NATO: "But by Friday, NATO showed it could also stand for Not About To Offend after it scrubbed those mistakes from the video." You can play this name game too, in the comments! Please don't.



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