Nats Join White Flight

* Yes, there actually are a ton of Harvard alums hanging out at 7-11 looking for work. [Below the Beltway]

* "Further proof that the legislation giving away $611,000,000.00 was the worst kind of bullshit. We were operating under the assumption that whoever bought the team would give a shit about the city." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "Circa 2007, there's probably no one on the Earth who embodies these winning traits more than two-time 30 Rock guest Ghostface Killah, which is why the recently released Ghostface Killah doll - which features "14 karat gold jewelry, a velvet robe, and an electronic chip inside of it featuring six original Pretty Toney catchphrases (recorded by the man himself! - is such an awesome gift idea." [DCeiver]

* "What are you talking about? This is the White House, they own you." [Eavesdrop DC]


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