Near-Terrorism, Near Thunderstorms


  • Sexist Maryland Hurricane Planner Robert Ward says that the trouble with Tropical Storm Hanna is that it is so unpredictable and won't make up its mind. It will make 18 million cracks in his glass ceiling, just for that. [DC Examiner]
  • Near-terrorism -- featuring a Jeep Cherokee and "items of concern" -- at the Library of Congress. [WTOP]
  • More near-terrorism at Target, as 200 shoppers are told to stop shopping and go home following a bomb threat. [DCist]
  • Your Redskins lost the big game last night to the Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants. Remember: no Partisan Rancor! [City Paper]
  • DC panhandlers will keep bragging about how they were in prison until you buy them weed. [Ezra Klein]

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