After the tears are shedHillary Clinton publicly survived: marital infidelity by her President husband; ruthless mocking by her critics; and a stinging 3rd place finish in the Iowa primary (despite her "inevitable" status) without shedding a public tear. Damn, those women's forums can really break even the hardest woman down. Today, when asked how she "does it," Hillary began to tear up as she said "I've had so many opportunities from this country" and continued as she talked about how hard it is to be mocked but that she does it because she wants to make things better.

Also, she wants American to know that she "[sees] what's happening. and we have to reverse it." Real? Fake? Exhaustion? Simply emotion? Everyone has an opinion. Public emoters John and Elizabeth Edwards, though, think that we need someone slightly tougher in office, but voters can decide if weeping makes her a total sissy. I think that two people who have campaigned on telling sob stories probably ought not make fun of someone else for crying. [ABC News]


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