Neil Cavuto Introduces the New 'Fox & Friends' Line-up

Neil Cavuto and a panel of experts discuss Iraq policy. - WonketteFox News' Your World presented five glorious minutes of Neil Cavuto and a roundtable of Hooters girls yesterday. Cavuto had them on to plug their 2007 calendar, but he took the opportunity to ask them about the more pressing issues facing our country today.

Ever the enterprising journalist, Cavuto pointed out that Miss Nevada had landed a hooters girls, full frontal.JPG$2 million deal with Playboy... hmm? The girls were quick to negate that association -- "We're just small-town girls" -- and were pretty practical in their assessment of Miss New Jersey's predicament on giving up her after learning she was pregnant: "I guess you can't do it pregnant!" "Rules are rules!"

Cavuto managed to make it through his entire show without accidentally mentioning the previous night's speech thing that President Whatshisface gave. We were pretty sure the brunette was about to criticize the President's health insurance plan but it turned out she was just readjusting her sash.

HuffPo's Eat the Press has video.

Your World With Neil Cav-HOOT-O [ETP]


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