Neocons Pulling Hard For Ahmadinejad

America's neoconservatives simply do not care for democratic or reformist movements arising organically among the citizens of tyrannical nations. What is America supposed to do, right? Who are these "self-interested" clowns crowding out the strong arm of the American military, which only wants to give them their freedoms after killing them all? Do they hatefreedom? So much! And so as punishment to them, the "Iranian people," America's neoconservatives want Ahmadinejad to defeat the reformist challenger Mousavi in today's election, because it would just make the inevitable nuke 'n' rape campaign go down all the smoother, later.

In an interview with freaking K-LO, the American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin sums up his and his colleagues' feelings: If Mousavi were to win, that idiot Barack Obama might think that something has *changed,* because he is retarded and gets all of his news from the notably liberal MSNBC.

LOPEZ: Should we want Ahmadinejad to lose the election this weekend?

RUBIN: The Obama administration tends to conflate advocacy with analysis. They see in the Islamic Republic what they want to see, not what the Iranian leadership’s intentions really are. As such, should someone more soft-spoken and less defiant — someone like former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi — win, it would be easier for Obama to believe that Iran really was figuratively unclenching a fist when, in fact, it had it had its other hand hidden under its cloak, grasping a dagger. What Ahmadinjead did was to expose the ideology of the power holders in Iran for what it actually is. Holocaust denial, for example, is nothing new to the Islamic Republic. Both Rafsanjani and Khatami also encourage it. Ahmadinejad’s bluntness, however, forced even the Europeans to react.

Isn't it amazing that Michael Rubin knows what every state's secret intentions are, but the President who gets classified intelligence briefings every morning has no clue? Amazing but true! So might as well go with the far right-wing psychopath who is at least honest, rather than the one who supports not chopping off ladies' heads for daring to show an ankle at the grocery store.

Right-Wing Neocons Rooting For Ahmadinejad Win [Huffington Post]


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