Nepotism Capitol Cop Rewarded By Dems

Welcome back! - WonketteProving they're dead serious about cleaning up corruption on the Hill, Senate Democrats rewarded shamed ex-Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer by naming him the new Senate sergeant at arms.

Gainer was forced out in April because he violated some weird rule about hiring family members; his son-in-law was hired by the Capitol police. Isn't that how all cops are hired?

Anyway, there's a bright new future for the man best known for arresting annoying "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan for being an invited guest at the State of the Union address, having to defend his officers for stopping a crazy bag lady who happens to be a congresswoman, and lying about the real heroes (they weren't cops) who caught the crackhead in September.

Gainer tapped for sergeant at arms [The Hill]


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