Nerds Complain Jocks Get Special Treatment


  • Local athletics club the Washington Nationals is getting "special treatment" from DC, as the city has agreed to pay to keep the Metro running late if baseball games run late. No word yet on whether the same applies if games just feel like they're taking forever. [DC Examiner]
  • The Capitol and White House were possibly evacuated today, thanks to a plane that had possibly gone rogue. Helicopters have been dismissed to the scene, as part of the follow-up investigation, Operation: Ominous Ambiguity. [DCist]
  • Two-alarm inconvenience this morning, as 50 people were forced to leave their apartment building in order to avoid not dying in a fire. [Washington Post]
  • Good news for your commute, as new bridges have been assigned to exist on I-295. [WTOP]
  • Print continues to self-parody itself to death: note the actual cover of this week's Washington Post Weekend magazine. [Fishbowl DC]

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