He'll be a great guvner! - WonketteThese Nevada results are almost astonishing, or they're cooked.

Even though the vast majority of the state's population lives in urban Dem Las Vegas, Jim Gibbons and John Ensign seem to be holding solid leads.

Ensign isn't a known criminal, but he's a Republican and votes according to the White House directives. Gibbons is a do-nothing congressman who kept an illegal alien in his basement, took massive bribes in exchange for federal no-bid contracts and got involved in some tawdry drunken altercation with a casino waitress three weeks before the election.

In a sane state, Gibbons would hang. Instead, he's either winning due to the brain-dead rural Nevada electorate or he easily bought the voting machine results. Nevada is the fastest growing state in the nation. It has a shot at an early presidential primary. This country is doomed.

State Races>> Nevada [CNN]


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