Nevada's Drunken Idiot Governor Divorcing His Wife For Some Reason

Buffoon.Dawn Gibbons has been living in the Nevada Governor's Mansion alone since earlier this year. Jim Gibbons, the moronic alcoholic waitress-assaulting sex criminal who was comically elected governor in 2006 and took a secret midnight oath of office in his Reno living room, has moved back to that Reno house. He served Dawn with divorce papers, but she says he won't tell her why he's divorcing her.

They've had approximately 15 near-divorces that have made it to the newspapers and blogs over the years -- Gibbons was a GOP congressman and bribe-taker in Washington for many years, where he otherwise went totally unnoticed. Oh and he's trying to get her evicted from the Guv Mansion, in Carson City.

Here is a picture of Gibbons drunk on a cruise ship, hilariously mocking negroes and their hip hop. [TIME/Las Vegas Gleaner]


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