'Never a N___r In The White House, Biggot!'


Enjoy it while it lasts, poor people.Here's something good about our new Great Depression: All Internet companies are going under, soon, along with the websites of newspapers and cable channels, and of course all the companies that provide the free blogging. What this means, we sincerely hope, is the end of Web Comments, forever. It was an "interesting" experiment, etc., and we'll miss a few comments (the ones on Wonkette), but overall, it's going to be wonderful to never ever again read some ignorant subliterate racist typing with one finger about the "n____r's lovers" who are, of course, "biggot biased assholes."

Here, from the comments on your editor's proud endorsement of John McCain last night, is the Email of the Day, because all those AOL comments are actually e-mailed to the authors, if you can even imagine something so horrible:

Author: nickyher

Email: nickyher@hotmail.com



You who wrote this stupidity,,are an idiot, and a stupid n___r's lover...Hopefully, tomorrow, we will vote to keep this country's freedom and bravery,,never a n___r in the white house period. you biggot biased asshole.

Finally, we have reached the apex of moronic thought, in which the cries of "racist" against Obama for, uh, being black, devolve to simultaneously shouting "n____r's lover" and "biggot" at the same time. Priceless.

John McCain For President [AOL Political Machine]


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