Never Mind, Racism Not Over Yet: Twitchy Discovers Ebony Magazine, A Mag For The Blacks


Ebony Magazine has really crossed the line this time, mostly by existing, because separate magazines for black people are racist, but also by running these four covers on its September issue, featuring Trayvon Martin's family, director Spike Lee and his son, sports-ball man Dwyane Wade and his sons, and actor/model/foreigner Boris Kodjoe and his son. The wingnutosphere is not happy about these deliberate acts of hoodie-wearing. Leading the way is the always delightful Twitchy, which particularly objects to the call, on three of the four covers, for the repeal of "Stand Your Ground" laws.

Silly the blacks! Don't you know, ask the Twitchers, that "Florida’s law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman verdict"?

Exactly! Florida's Stand You Ground" law is merely the reason George Zimmerman was almost not prosecuted at all, not the reason that he was acquitted, except for how it was part of the jury instructions. Besides, the whole effort is misguided, because no matter what the blacks think, there is no racial message at all in the Zimmerman verdict, except that the blacks need to be reminded of one simple fact:

It’s much easier to slap on a hoodie and pretend to fight for social justice than to recognize a black American is more likely to be murdered by another black American than some “White Hispanic” man.

Yeah, why aren't the blacks doing more to address whites' fear of the blacks murdering the blacks?

(Also, too, the blacks are kind of worried about the violent urbans, too, not that Twitchy would notice.)

Needless to say, the tweetoverse quickly filled with brilliant observations, such as the thoroughly original questions, "You are Trayvon? Oh, so you are a thug who hates white crackers?" and a cavalcade of "how come there's no IVORY magazine, HENGHHH?" (only some of which appeared to be funny-on-purpose); we'll spare you the anger porn for a change. Ebony's own tweets do not appear overly concerned about the backlash, such as it is:

As for actual calls for a boycott, we just assumed that Ebony was anticipating a nonevent, not that there was an actual, uh, nonevent. Nevertheless, Gawker's Max Read passes along one comment in a Breitbart thread that mentioned boycotting not just Ebony, but also Dwyane Wade's sportsball employers, the Miami Heat. Thank goodness someone's finally taking a stand against this culture of victimhood.

Needless to say, as we go to press, #whitepeopleboycottingEBONY is trending on the Tweeter machine. Oh, Internet, we just cannot quit you.

[Ebony / Twitchy / Twitter]

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