New at Hotel Gitmo: Mini-Bars, Vicious Dogs

An entry on the Move America Forward blog sets the record straight:

When you hear the words Guantanamo Bay, the words Abu Ghraib seem to echo back.

But I was in Guantanamo for three days last week, and I saw something very different. I concluded that, at Gitmo, we extract information from prisoners not by torture but by developing rapport with them. It involves amenities. Full rolls of toilet paper. Fruit baskets. A field trip barbecue. I talked to prisoners, visited cell blocks, surveyed their medical care, interviewed the base commander and chief interrogator on my show, and allowed callers to probe them with questions. My research extended to the officers who escorted me to breakfast and lunch - even to times when all parties were well lubricated at the Tiki Bar.

Maybe it's just because there's something about having the words "fruit basket," "probe" and "lubricated" so close together, but we understand now: When the Army said it wanted Abu Ghraib "Gitmoized," they clearly meant redecorated. A little mix-up there, but so understandable: Who hasn't had a "field trip barbecue" suddenly become "forced masturbation"? Just be careful to keep the spicier sauces out of reach.

Good News from Guantanamo [Move America Forward - The Daily File]


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