what am I doing here? I don't belong hereDid you know that in many states there are judicial elections? And that those judicial elections are a pathway for really exceptional conspiracy-driven wingnuts, rather than your garden-variety wingnut, to ascend to positions of power? And it is almost impossible to get rid of them once they are elected? You do now!! Democracy, California-style, has given us soon-to-be Judge Gary G. Kreep of San Diego.

There is no doubt that yr Wonkette Junior is aware of the delightful aptness of Mr. Kreep’s moniker. Even more delightful: Mr. Kreep’s opponent in his titanic election struggle was a gentleman named Mr. Garland Peed. But, San Diegoaneans, why elect the qualified when you can elect the crazy? USA! USA! It is your god-given right to ignore this guy:

For nearly 30 years, Peed has been a capable prosecutor. Everybody who’s worked with him likes him. He racked up every serious endorsement imaginable, from DA Bonnie Dumanis to Sheriff Bill Gore, from the San Diego police and county deputies unions to the judge whose seat he would have filled.

Why choose likable or competent for your judge-type-person when instead you can have Kreep, who has sought to rid the world of homosexuals, abortioneers, messicans, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Teddy Kennedy. Mr. Kreep might seem like a veritable titan of intolerance, but Mr. Kreep is just being targeted by those meddling gays:

Kreep paints himself as a victim, saying he received death threats and that the city assigned six police officers to protect him at [San Diego Human Rights Commission] meetings. He also claims that, during the meetings, he was "bombarded with used condoms and pus and blood soaked cotton balls" flung by his opponents.

Everybody knows that all the gayz do is save up their precious bodily fluids to fling at the righteous. Of course the gayz, being lying liarpants, disagree with this stone cold truth:

"If this was true, it would've been on every TV station," says Nicole Murray-Ramirez, a gay activist who spoke against Kreep during public comment in 1992 and later served as HRC chairperson from 2006 to 2011. "That's impossible. If that incident happened, I would know and I would've condemned it... That didn't happen. He's obviously lying."

"Nobody threw any junk like that at him," says Duane Shinnick, a former deputy district attorney who'd been appointed to the commission by Mayor O'Connor.

"He's full of shit," Rossi says. "Excuse my French; I'm almost 83. Nobody ever threw condoms or bloody cotton balls at him. Not even one. He may have felt we wanted to choke him a time or two, but we wouldn't have done something that drastic."

"Horseshit," Klumpp says. "What nonsense. That is insanity... But I have no doubt he has convinced himself that it happened."

Wonketeers, yr Wonkette Junior asks you: who are you gonna believe? Several swearing homosexuals and their brainwashed collaborator friends or this handsome devil?

Enjoy your new judge, San Diego!! Not condoms, nor pus (how do you collect pus?) nor blood-soaked cotton balls (?!) stopped this freedom train. If you’re a homosexual abortion-having messican Democrat living in San Diego now, you can take comfort in the fact that while Kreep will no doubt live up to his name, at least you didn’t follow Cook County's lead and elect an outright criminal as your judge:

Soon after being charged with misdemeanor battery, a panel of supervising judges barred her from entering the county’s courthouses without a police escort. But neither that, nor the fact that numerous bar associations have recommended since 2000 that voters toss Brim from the bench, kept her from narrowly retaining her seat Tuesday.

Advantage, Chicago.

[San Diego City Beat]


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