New DC Mayor Off to Bad Start With Wonkette Operatives

No room for poor people! - WonketteAs if it wasn't bad enough that his Saturday night inaugural ball had a cash bar, recently sworn-in DC mayor Adrian Fenty rubbed insult into injury by inviting everyone in Washington and then only letting a couple thousand in to the Convention Center. Wonkette's weekend inbox filled up with Blackberried complaints from DC denizens stuck outside in the merciless 60-degree January weather.

While the Washington Times makes it sound like an enjoyable time was had by all, embedded Wonkette operatives tell a different tale:

Subject: Fenty's Balls

The fire marshall has lblocked thousands of ticket holding dc residents from going in. While standing in line for about an hour they let 300 members of the mayor's family in through the side. They were in the vip reception and apparently don't count in fire marshall math.
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More complaints and pictures, after the jump.

This outraged email has our favorite subject line ever.

Subject: raped by fenty incompetence

I am a dc citizen and ticket holder. I am held up in line outside the fenty ball. the fire marshall claims the venue is full however the vip line is sailing through, most horrifically w/o going through the metal detectors!

Another tipster sent us two pictures of the line:



Despite claiming to be trapped outside with the plebes pictured above, he apparently later made it inside, where he sent us an update on the prices charged at the bar:


beer is 6.00 a bottle! And the "fire marshal" was full of shit. There is plenty of room here!
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Fenty has also drawn criticism for taking over the entire school system or something, but a six-dollar beer is pretty clearly more of an outrage.

Thousands Throng Fenty Fete [WT]


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