New Details About Obama's Big Health Care Speech Reveal This Thing Will Include Details!


  • Obama's big health care legislation presentation next week will feature such novelties as an explanation of the contents of said health care legislation. [New York Times]
  • Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' hiring of only one clerk for the 2010 Supreme Court regular season has many fans speculating that he could retire after next year. [LA Times]
  • Pfizer will be paying $2.3 billion in fines for illegally treating fat cat doctors to rounds of golf (and probably letting them win!) in exchange for promotion of Pfizer products. [AP]
  • A new report was released by Physicians for Human Rights that details American doctors' bad habit of using terror suspects as subjects in impossibly evil torture experiments. [The Guardian]
  • The city of Chicago does not even want your dumb 2016 Olympics anymore, International Olympics Committee! This is because the 2016 Olympics happen to be the summer Olympics, which according to facts are the lame kind. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Oh holy god, someone found a dead frog in a Pepsi can. This is disgusting, although, if it helps, it could have just been a toad... so... no cause for alarm. [CNN]

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