New Developments in Anti-Census Violence Weaponry


Census Violence '10 continues withthis report about a man in Alaska who threatened his enumerator with a bulldozer. The bulldozer-er was not paranoid, confrontational Todd Palin, but a fellow from Fairbanks named Carey William Bliss who communicates only by fax, when he's not allegedly making verbal threats against federal employees. No wonder he's so cranky -- fax machines are very difficult to operate!

Does this case top the pickaxes and crossbows incident? Or is the best example of Census Insanity still undiscovered amongst the 379 reported "incidents involving assaults or threats" on our 635,000 census employees so far this year?

Reports of anti-census freakouts are "more than double the 181 recorded during the 2000 census" -- at least one involved a hammer, and another, a patio table.

They have been nibbled by ducks, bitten by pit bulls and chased by packs of snarling dogs," the Washington Post reported last week. Even our nation's ducks are insane and filled with rage. [Fairbanks News-Miner]


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