New Film Has Important Information About Charlie Crist!

New Film Has Important Information About Charlie Crist!

Oh brother, here we go again. Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida, is known for precisely two things: being orange, and having a dreadfulporn mustache in the 1970s, which was the style at the time. Everybody likes to make jokes about how (allegedly!) gay he is, jokes that were only made more hilarious by his engagement to a lady right around the time last year that John McCain was supposed to pick him as his running "mate."

But Crist got passed over and he still had to marry that woman. And people shook their heads sadly over what a mess he'd made of things, having to marry some broad and put his suspiciously long bachelor days behind him.

Now he's one of the subjects of a movie about gay Republicans, and all these folks in this movie apparently go on camera and solemnly declare, "Yeah Charlie Crist is totally gay, I fucked him once and I am a man" and really this is exciting because ...?

This is about as titillating as news that Oprah is fat again.

Florida's GOP Governor to Be Outed in Explosive Documentary Released Today [Raw Story]


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