New Food Pyramid is Totally Gay


Sure, the new USDA food pyramid may look harmless, or maybe even "healthy." But it doesn't take a professional sin-sniffer quivering with Christ-love to see what's going on here. Once again, homosexual activists have hijacked a trusted icon of sensible nutrition to brainwash schoolkids into thinking sodomy is a perfectly wholesome alternative to lunch at McDonald's. The old food pyramid was simple and straightforward, with a traditional emphasis on loaves and fishes. The new one is actually twelve different food charts, all the better to promote "diversity." And while it never explicitly mentions "homosexuality," it's gayer than a pair of chintz ass chaps, and riddled with homosexual code-words like "meat" (homosexual for cock), "nuts" (homosexual for big, heavy balls) and "milk" (homosexual for man syrup). Nice try, fruit-lovers! The boycott starts now.

Government Issues Twelve New Food Pyramids [AP]

Critics See New Food Pyramid as Abstract Art [Chicago Sun-Times]


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