New FreedomWorks Diversity Thing Sounds Really Fake


FreedomWorks is constantly on the move. We mean this figuratively and literally, since FreedomWorks is always very busy hostingdeath picnics -- but also it actually moved its headquarters, because it is so afraid of all the libruls. And somehow FreedomWorks has been able to keep up the momentum, perhaps because Dick Armey keeps an amphetamine Pez dispenser under his big dumb cowboy hat. Are you ready for DiverseTea, the special FreedomWorks tea party for non-whites? Separate but equal, baby.

We could not make this up even if we tried our hardest: FreedomWorks has invented something called "DiverseTea," and it will "reach out" to, you know, brownish people, and the people with the hats who killed Jesus, even though that was wrong of them. FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe has the details:

Kibbe said the new initiative will "build a platform" for tea party leaders from across the spectrum, including "African Americans, Jews, Hispanics," and others. Kibbe said that though it's important the group reach out, the talk of diversifying the tea party is more about changing the perception of the movement rather than the reality.

Yes, this is an important distinction. DiverseTea is about changing the perception, not the reality, of the Movement. And the reality is that the Tea Party Movement is a thriving ecosystem of diverse peoples, races and creeds. While it's true that about 98% of the recent 9/12 rally was dedicated to singing songs about "God-fearing Christian Americans, who are white," what the liberal media won't tell you is that the other 2% of the picnic was for eating Chanukah cookies on the Muslin prayer carpets provided by friendly bicurious Native American FreedomWorks volunteers. And these people were roped off to the side so that the regular Teabaggers could look on in wonder. [TPM]


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