New Gerald Ford Bio Shits on Cheney, Clinton

being dead is greatThe new Gerald Ford biography, Write It When I'm Gone, hits bookshelves tomorrow, and now we know why the ex-president was such a sissy about having to die before it came out: it drops bombshell after bombshell, and then drops more bombshells yet. Specifically, only Ford knew these two juicy bits of Beltway insiderism: Bill Clinton might be a sex addict, and Dick Cheney might be a liability to George W. Bush. OMG OMG OMG!#RR#@

CNN read an advance copy of Thomas DeFranck's new biography of the Michigan minx before everyone else could not read it tomorrow. Always the gentle Republican, Ford cared for Bill Clinton and his Satan-controlled libido:

While Ford thought Bill Clinton was the best pure politician he had ever seen, he felt Clinton needed therapy for sex addiction.

"He thought Bill Clinton had a serious addiction here and he needed help," DeFrank told CNN. "And Jerry Ford didn't have a vengeful bone in his body. I think his comments about the addiction business were heartfelt on his part."

He also had a marry/fuck/kill-type thing with Dick Cheney:

"Ford loved Dick Cheney till the day he died. He loved Dick Cheney. And he was not going to be part of a cabal to get rid of Cheney."

But when DeFrank asked Ford if he believed Cheney had become a liability, the former President said yes and suggested Guiliani [sic] as a possible replacement. "He did say, 'I'm apprehensive as to Cheney's value to the ticket in 2004,'" DeFrank said.

CNN does not mention whether DeFranck pulled the plug on Ford so he could get this book out sooner, like when these things might have been revelatory (1986, perhaps).

Book: Ford feared Cheney was GOP liability, called Clinton sex addict [CNN]


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