New Guest Editor Totally Hearts Politics!

Out hunting congressmen with my bloodthirsty hellhound. - WonketteYour new "semi-long-term" guest editor, Ken Layne, has been tragically unemployed since last week. That's when the latest of his many "journalistic" endeavors was shut down by The Man. Luckily, the same The Man owns Wonkette!

Let's see, some relevant experience, self-deprecating remarks, vague and possibly creepy personal details ... we'll have this ready to post in no time. We mean, "after the jump."

As a crime-politics-military reporter, Layne quietly collected paychecks from many newspapers in places such as the scumbag capital of the Earth (San Diego) and former Nazi lands including Slovakia and the Balkans. He covered the 2000 presidential conventions and riots for an obscure academic publication. His short and undistinguished tenure as a member of the Washington press corps involved taking the Metro from Arlington, sometimes remembering to exit the train at McPherson Square, walking past the protesters and bums in Lafayette Park and outside the Veteran's Administration and Export-Import Bank, and spending the next eight or nine hours locked inside UPI's faded headquarters.

Other than editing Helen Thomas' columns from the White House and amorally rewriting stories from healthier news agencies, Layne occasionally covered some actual news, including the long-planned and outrageously well-funded rise of George W. Bush, various boring Net regulation congressional stuff that really gets those Electronic Freedom Fighters excited, and John-John "JFK" Kennedy Junior's humiliating plane crash.

Layne is now bored of writing in the third person. He enjoys drinking quietly and believes Jon Benet "had it coming."


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