New Halliburton Food Torture Allegations Arise

In Guantanamo Bay, the food is pampered and delicious, but in Iraq it's a different story. The latest allegations? According to whistle-blower Rory Mayberry, former food medic for Halliburton subsidiary KBR, "managers ordered workers to pick bullets and shrapnel out of food shipments that had been damaged by gunfire or bombings and serve it to troops." (Source: USA Today) In addition, Mayberry said "the company served troops food that had been expired for as long as a year." Finally, Mayberry claimed that KBR "provided Turkish and Filipino workers with leftovers in trash bags rather than culturally appropriate food." (Source: LA Times)

But what's the MSM leaving out of the story? First, all wounded food in Iraq gets excellent medical treatment before it's served to the troops. Second, the Geneva Conventions do not apply to food during wartime, so there is no expiration date; it's perfectly legal to detain food indefinitely, and release it for consumption whenever it's deemed most appropriate. Oh, and the thing about the leftovers in trashbags? Blame that on Ashton Kutcher, who pranked KBR for an upcoming episode of Punk'd. Apparently, Kutcher hired fake translators who told the company that leftovers in trashbags were culturally appropriate for Turkish and Filipino workers. In reality, they like fresh food on plates, just like everyone else.

Report questions over $1.4B of Halliburton bills [USA Today]

Pentagon Aided Halliburton, Official Charges [LA Times]


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