New Immigration Bill Means Healthier Lawns

* Looks like old WALNUTS! McCain has mavericked himself right out of the ability to raise cash, run for president. [NYT]

* Bill Richardson is on track to win the Democratic nomination for pretty much whatever office he wants in the state of Nevada. [WP]

* Bush will heal the country with clemency for Paris, Scooter. [Politico]

* GOP may only be one step shy of sucking dick in the alley for spare change, but they still have something to say about earmarks. [The Hill]

* All of a sudden, everyone's acting like a little bias is like some big fucking deal. [LAT]

* Democrats will continue to be a bunch of whiny pussies until they're safely in the minority again. [Roll Call]

* New immigration plan will put Nigerian doctors and lawyers on the fast track to cutting grass, painting houses nationwide. [WP]

* Dennis Kucinich is alone on his soap box -- but at least he can be seen over the podium. [Roll Call]

* Hey, remember the comprehensive plan to salvage the war in Iraq and pull the Middle East back from the brink of a violent regional sectarian conflict that was summarily dismissed because the president didn't even bother to read it because he'd rather go with his gut? Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. [The Hill]

* Mitt Romney is building support so quietly it's almost like he's not building support at all. [LAT]

* Hope dies last. [WT]


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