New Jersey Considers the Nutjob Vote

can't we just be retarded in peace?So, apparently they have one of these election days every year on the first Tuesday of November. You guys hear about this? And a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that Election Day 2007 is... today! While most Americans are probably ready to vote for the 2008 elections (or at least cede it to Hillary if she promises, in return, to give up that robust hyena cackle for four years), most of today's ballots propose only small referendums, council elections, blah blah boring stuff. In New Jersey however, citizens across the state -- exits 1 through 16E, at least -- are tackling the toughest question of them all: How do we define the crazy retard vote?

The underlying agenda behind New Jersey Public Question #4: How does one silence the Paultards?:


No!! Official language like "idiot or insane person" is part of the Jersey charm, and the DEMRATS are pussyfooting it to death.

Idiots and Insane People: Voters? [NJ Office of the Attorney General]


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