New Newspaper Reader Sarah Palin Decides Washington Post Is 'Through'

New Newspaper Reader Sarah Palin Decides Washington Post Is 'Through'

What's that? Is Sarah Palin reading newspapers now? Haha, no, she's just retweeting the Weekly Standard again. But hey, we actually agree with her! The Washington Post is terrible! But it's not "through" yet; it makes a lot of money gouging the government with its Kaplan brand of fake colleges and gouging rich parents with its Kaplan brand of test prep crap.

The Weekly Standard points to a post on the Post's humor blog thing. We've always said it was a terrible idea for the Post to give Dana Milbank his own humor blog to edit, but if there's one thing the Post is good at, it's giving salaries to people who are terrible at their jobs.

Still, the post in question is just a caption contest featuring a photo of President Obama with former poet laureate Donald Hall, who looks awesome. It's not something to get offended about. There are more offensive posts on that "humor blog" if you want to find something to get offended about.

But we think this is a good idea:

As it happens, the 89-year-old ex-editor of the Post, Benjamin Bradlee, occasionally walks past THE WEEKLY STANDARD building, which is between his home and the Post, where he maintains an office. Bradlee, once a dashing boulevardier type, now looks very much like a man approaching his ninetieth birthday, and shuffles painfully along the sidewalk with a slightly bewildered expression on his face. If I were to take a photograph of Bradlee the next time I see him, and offer it to Alexandra Petri and Dana Milbank at "ComPost," do you suppose they would repeat the Photo Caption Contest, and invite readers to send in snarky comments?

That would be fun! Please do that, troll. [Twitter/Weekly Standard]


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