New Obama Super PAC Ad Crosses the Line by Making Fun of Mitt Romney


The amoral scumbuckets who run the Obama campaign and Completely Unaffiliated Priorities USA Super PAC have really done it this time: they mock Mitt Romney's history of saving the Olympics, a lil' sidegig of his from back when he was still Bain Capital CEO, president, chairman, and sole stockowner. Have you ever saved an Olympics, Obama? HMMM. Let's all thank the YouTube company for taking this ad down. It was just too mean to Mitt Romney.

The Romney campaign responded to this ad by saying that Barack Obama voted present in his state senate and so on:

"When Mitt Romney was working to turn around the Olympics, Barack Obama was voting 'present' in the Illinois State Senate. President Obama does not have a record to run on, so his liberal allies are resorting to false attacks in an effort to distract voters. President Obama's record of broken promises and failed policies can't match Mitt Romney's record of creating jobs and rescuing troubled enterprises."

[Daily Beast, HuffPo]


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