New PBS Boss More of a People-person

Editor & Publisher has a preview of an upcoming NY Times interview with Ken Ferree, the new president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Among the revelations: Feree doesn't watch PBS much, or listen to NPR, but he loves People magazine. If this foretells more coverage of celebrity weddings and less time devoted to regular people asking how much their crap's worth, we're all for it. Nonetheless, when Ferree enthusiastically embraces the notion of attracting conservative viewers to PBS, we can't help but think that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, struggling for relevance already in the world of 500 channels, is now saddled with the world's dumbest boss. After all, conservatives are the only people who want conservative programming on PBS even less than liberals do. Because, really, as soon as Antiques Roadshow and Zooboomafoo start stumping Social Security privatization, who will right-wing pundits have left to demonize?

New Public Broadcasting Chief Wants Conservative Viewers [Editor & Publisher]


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