New Republican Genius Plan: Defund Suddenly Popular Health Care Bill!


The Health Care Reform law that recently passed included a single fatal flaw: instead of being physically installed in our constitution, along with the rights to free abortions and nonstop sodomy, it was merely passed as a "law" that could potentially be repealed. That probably won't happen so long as Dr. Obama can veto things; but, instead of just giving the new Death Panel Czar the key to the Treasury, the law put Congress in charge of appropriating the money to pay for various important Health Care dealies! And this is not subject to veto, apparently? There was no "Schoolhouse Rock" on the topic, so we wouldn't know. Anyway, now many Republicans are just running on a"we will not pay for this health care, even though the law requires us to" platform, which should go over great with an electorate that has discovered that it loves the law after all.

The Republican leadership is practically cackling with glee at the prospect of reducing the health care law to "swiss cheese" by not paying for stuff. This will be a big hit with the American people, who hate and have always hated this law, right?

Thus far, Republican efforts to repeal or defund the law have fallen largely on deaf ears. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Thursday found that 35 percent of the public opposes the law, down from 41 percent last month. Those who oppose the law overwhelmingly support repealing it. Support for the health care plan has hovered at about 50 percent.

The administration is capitalizing on this sudden surge in Obamacare-loving by running away from fights with insurers, like little babies. For instance, you know that provision that already went into effect that says insurers have to cover kids with pre-existing conditions? Well, insurance companies threatened to just stop covering any children on individual health care plans, so now it's totally OK for them to only sign children up during "open enrollment" periods, which can be as short as one month a year. Hope your leukemia doesn't get worse between now and March, kids! [Politico/NYT]


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