New SarahPAC Video Announces Palin Is Commanding General of Teabaggers


"Sarah Palin Really Likes Flags," says The Awl. Yeah, but too much. How did this split-second MUSLIM flag get into this video? The video editor must have accidentally hit the "Sharia" button on the editing machine. Anyway, as you can see, this video released by SarahPAC is about Teabaggers. Whereas the group's first video declared Palin the leader of all wingnut women, with emotional, motherly music, this video declares Palin the leader of all Teabaggers -- so it employs militaristic music sure to touch the insurrectionist hearts of those folks.

But wait! What was that imposing vehicle we saw, briefly, immediately after the Muslin flag?

Tea Party party van. It makes so much sense now! That's what the Tea Party comes together to do! We are a nation of Mama Grizzlies and Pedobears, led by Sarah Palin. [The Awl/YouTube]


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