New Situation Room to Broadcast Ignored Warnings in HD

The White House showed its brand-new "situation room" to a couple reporters the other day (Rutenberg, seriously? We thought he was a traitor!) -- it's gone from classy '50s board room to ugly basement entertainment center/Sports Bar. We know there's no one with any taste in the White House anymore, but this barely works even as 24 War Porn homage.

This new Situation Room will make sure the President's inept responses to disasters home and abroad will fail faster and more efficiently. Also, two attractive young ladies will summarize what The Blogs are talking about today, and we'll cut to the Vice President for The Cheney File. Today's question -- are Administration critics misguided or should they be rounded up and shot?

(Wait, that's, Nicolas Cage on the TV on the right, isn't it? What movie are they watching? Matchstick Men? National Treasure?)

Overhaul Moves White House Data Center Into Modern Era [NYT]


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