New Stimulus Will Give Us All Personal Cessnas

  • Residents of the earthquake-stricken area of central Italy had a crappy night, too, because it started pissing rain. [Reuters]
  • A daring plane-thief stole a Cessna in Ontario, and American fighter jets followed him all the way to Missouri before he landed on a highway six hours later. [BBC News]
  • The big issue in the Ted Stevens case is that prosecutors didn't share a bunch of evidence with the defense, but whether this was due to simple oversight or criminal plotting remains to be seen. [New York Times]
  • If you must throw your shoe at a public figure, do it in India where they don't arrest you or throw you in jail for weeks. [UPI]
  • So here is the deal: do not eat nuts of any sort because they will probably poison you due to salmonella or roach droppings or who knows, tuberculosis? [Washington Post]
  • Expect stocks to fall precipitously today as people quake in fear of first-quarter "earnings" reports. [Wall Street Journal]

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