New Wonkette Intern Burns Down John Edwards' Mill


Look everyone, we are returning "this thing," your end-of-the-day roundup of political news. New Wonkette Intern JULI will write it. Very nicely welcome Intern Juli!

  • Why won't McCain lose his own 11 homes and $520 moccasins to foreclosure, in solidarity? [The Caucus]
  • Four alarm symbolism! John "son-of-a-mill-worker" Edwards' precious mill burned to the ground yesterday. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • McCain is choosing every resident of Ohio as his Vice President. [Marc Ambinder]
  • Respected journalist Jerome Corsi links McCain to jihadists in Muslim Kosovo and the St. Regis Hotel. [World Net Daily]
  • McCain insists Obama is disguising his shameful ambition with "claims" and "positions" on Iraq. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Thumb-sucker/Freudian caricature Sally Quinn wants John McCain to transform into a winged horse and rescue her from an earthquake, just like she used to fantasize her father doing. [On Faith]
  • Only the Libertarians can save children from horrible field trips to Mark Twain's house. [Hit and Run]

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