New World Bank Head Already Almost as Reviled as Wolfie

Robert Zoellick has been in charge of the World Bank for less than two weeks and already everyone hates him. China, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and a couple other countries we don't give a shit about are all pissed at Bob for publishing a report mentioning how shittily all of those countries are governed.

After Paul Wolfowitz gave his girlfriend a promotion and a raise and hung around embarrassing everyone for a couple more months, the other members of the Bank have gotten all uppity, forgetting that we're in charge and whatever ideologue we appoint to run the place gets the final word.

"Bank insiders" say China is particularly upset that the report mentions how they're all oppressive all the time while downplaying how very efficient they are. Especially at oppressing and executing people. And building cheap shit.

Zoellick, desperate the get the World Bank back out of the headlines so that they can continue implementing their plans for eventual world domination in peace, had no comment.

World Bank Directors Challenge Zoellick on Report [FT]


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