New Year New ... Nah. Tabs, Mon., Jan. 6, 2020

New Year New ... Nah. Tabs, Mon., Jan. 6, 2020

Pssst. Wanna read some tabs?

Iraq: We vote for you to leave now. Pompeo: Don't mind if I DON'T! Washington Post: Actually quotes many Democrats, is that even legal?

Defenders of history ask nicely, "please do not attack the culture sites." But surprise, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Trump never said he was going to attack Iran's cultural sites, so don't believe what you saw the president tweet.

Oh yeah and then the president repeated it.

Meanwhile, Washington state's lieutenant governor would like to know what is up with reports from CAIR that Iranian Americans are being detained at the Canadian border after having crossed over for an Iranian pop concert.

The CBP? Denies denies denies.

Here is some background from NPR, about "How the CIA overthrew Iran's democracy in four days." I believe it is some #historyfacts, but it is a 37-minute-long listen, so you guys tell me what it says.

Oh also, the president notified Congress that WAR via twitter, so that was pretty legal and pretty cool.

"The images of the fires are a cross between 'Mad Max' and 'On the Beach': thousands driven onto beaches in a dull orange haze, crowded tableaux of people and animals almost medieval in their strange muteness — half-Bruegel, half-Bosch, ringed by fire, survivors' faces hidden behind masks and swimming goggles. Day turns to night as smoke extinguishes all light in the horrifying minutes before the red glow announces the imminence of the inferno. Flames leaping 200 feet into the air. Fire tornadoes. Terrified children at the helm of dinghies, piloting away from the flames, refugees in their own country." Now see what Scott Morrison is doing about it OHHHHH Scott Morrison is TERRRRRIBLE.

Could Andrew Yang win this thing, Ben Smith? I suppose he could! First he'll want to get some pretty basic "signatures 101" down or he won't get on pretty important state ballots.

Lindsey Graham to the rescue, as per usual!

None of these:

I'll bite, Hamilton Nolan, what did you learn in a decade in journalism?

Guys, this is a book review of Wilmington's Lie in the Wall Street Journal: "By 1898, North Carolina's largest city was a thriving mixed-race community— and so a target of the state's white supremacists." Trigger warning for seriously all of it, that is some murderous white-people systematic lynching shit.

So there are Los Angeles mansions filled with teen Tik-Tokers, wholesome bunches of O's who "work" all the time "creating" "content" and it is a LOT OF STORY.

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