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Fake Biden Holograms And Demon Sperm: 2021's Things We Can't Believe People Actually Believed

Is it slightly better than the Trump years or are we all just that jaded now?

It's honestly pretty hard to tell if 2021 was slightly better than the previous five years when it came to the conspiracy nonsense, or if we've all just become inured to it. I think on some level, once you've been through Wayfair and the Mole Children, it's really hard to be particularly shocked by anything anyone comes up with. A bunch of QAnon weirdos are gathering in Texas to herald the return of JFK Jr.? Shrug. They're drinking bleach? Double shrug. They've all been drinking bleach for two years now, and some of them for much longer than that. Maybe I'm just jaded, but these people really seem to love their bleach and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to convince them to stop drinking it.

I'm not saying I want them to continue drinking bleach or that we should stop trying, but it's hard to have particularly high hopes at this point. It's hard to say anything to people who can look at other people who literally turned blue from drinking colloidal silver and still think, "I'm gonna drink me a glass of that."

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New Years Eve

The Year In Infrastructure Week

Roads! Bridges! Internets! EV Charging Stations!

After four years of "Infrastructure week" being a bad joke about whatever Donald Trump's administration wanted to distract from, Old Handsome Joe Biden came into office in January and actually did a great big infrastructure plan, which he rolled out at the end of March as the "American Jobs Plan." It was an ambitious plan, $2 trillion over 10 years, that went well beyond the traditional "roads 'n' bridges" stuff that's normally thought of as infrastructure. It included spending on retooling American energy away from fossil fuels, research and development for clean energy, and $174 billion to build a national network of EV charging stations. The proposal also included funding to build out high-speed internet in both rural and urban America and to upgrade public housing for energy efficiency (and to build more public housing, period), as well as $111 billion to ensure that all Americans have clean, safe water. That funding would also include replacing all lead water pipes in the country. ALL of them, finally.

Not surprisingly, the Right got mad because the bill also included some of the "human infrastructure" that Biden wanted to promote, including funds for home and community care for folks with disabilities and for the elderly (plus funding for more home healthcare workers). Wingnuts and a Democrat (possibly two!) got pissy, because since when does anything that you can't drive a truck or a train on even count as infrastructure?

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New Years Eve

2021: Your Mom Is Hot. No She's Really Hot, The World Is On Fire!

The emergency became even clearer. The needed action ... We're working on it.

As 2021 heads for the exit, wildfires in Boulder, Colorado, have burned at least 500 homes and forced more than 30,000 people to evacuate. There are record-setting high temperatures in Alaska, with Kodiak Island hitting 67 degrees F last weekend, even though it only gets six hours of sunlight this time of year.

So yes, global warming is real, kids. The science is both well-established and supported by the data (here's a brief overview of the basics from the EPA, which can once again say science is real, thanks a lot, Biden). When people ask whether extreme weather events like the deadly tornadoes earlier this month are related to climate change, the answer really should be that pretty much everything is related to climate change. While the causes of any particular storm are complex, the overall fact is that climate change is making things freaky, because when the earth gets hotter, complex systems like weather are going to be affected across the planet.

As we noted in our 2019 New Year's Eve roundup, we seem to have finally woken up and noticed that yes, this is a big problem. And while it would have been way easier if we had started phasing out fossil fuels in the 1980s or '90s when the science was already clear, the consensus view is, as the UN's International Panel on Climate Change said earlier this year, that humanity can still make the changes to worldwide energy use necessary to avoid the very worst effects of uncontrolled climate change — but we have to act fast.

Not sure whether this is a motivator for you, but it may help to think of 2021's freaky weather as a baseline. We'll have to work really hard to keep things as good as this year.

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New Years Eve

2021: The Year Tucker Felt Threatened. No, Even More Than All The Other Years.

He's been on one allllllll year long.

A few weeks back, we had a piece called Politifact Coulda Just Given Tucker Its Lie Of The Year Award, TBH.

To be clear, Politifact didn't give Tucker Carlson its Lie Of The Year, but rather the award went to every single lie anyone has ever told about the domestic terrorist attack Donald Trump incited on the Capitol on January 6. And in an accompanying piece explaining its choice, Politifact named Tucker about 12,000 times.

Some excerpts, from our piece:

And then there's Goddamned Tucker, who has insisted many things about January 6: that it wasn't an insurrection; that it definitely wasn't a white supremacist attack even though it was committed by all these white supremacists; that any effort to hold those domestic terrorists accountable is an attack on all his (white) viewers and also on YOU; and that those people attacking the Capitol because they thought the election was unfair/rigged/stolen were right, to some degree. He literally said that last night. Of course, the implied message that Tucker surprisingly doesn't say out loud is that he and his white supremacist viewers will find any election "unfair" if Black people's votes and the votes of other people of color deny victory to their white choice.

Quite frankly, it's like he's been hosting a reality show called "So You Want To Be A White Supremacist Terrorist Sympathizer?" At the beginning of this year, we remarked that these things were vile, even for Tucker. Now we just say it's Tucker.

Tucker blamed the FBI, in a lie that apparently started with Alex Jones. [...]

The hysterical prematurely ejaculating climax of all of it, of course, came when Tucker released his "1/6 Was A Planned Demolition" inside job documentary, Patriot Purge.

Whew, that's a lot. Again, Tucker had to share the award with many people. And yet Wonkette's small summary of the Tucker sections of Politifact's much longer article had that much Tucker meat in it. Hahahahaha, gross, we said "Tucker meat."

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