New Years Eve

2022 In People Who DIDN'T DO IT.

261 wrongfully convicted people were exonerated in 2022.

Earlier this month, The Gate of the Exonerated was unveiled in Central Park, honoring the Central Park Five who were wrongfully convicted of raping a jogger in the park when they were just teenagers in the 1990s. The Gate is dedicated not just to Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, and Antron McCray but also to the 320 New York prisoners who have been exonerated to date.

We've attributed variations of the phrase "It's better that 100 guilty men go free than one innocent should suffer" to practically everyone from King Alfred to William Blackstone to Ben Franklin to John Adams to Marilyn Monroe (probably), we say we only convict those who are guilty "beyond all reasonable doubt," and yet we still have a bit of a problem in this country with sending innocent people to prison, not to mention executing them. In reality, people often seem to be far more frightened by the idea of a guilty person going free than of an innocent person suffering.

As a result of the many issues within our criminal justice system, we send a lot of innocent people to prison — even to death row. There are, however, a lot of good people and organizations out there who are trying to help free them.

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New Years Eve

Alex Jones Had A Sh*tty 2022. And 2023's Not Looking Good Either.

You love to see it.

Last January, Alex Jones rang in the New Year by trying to overthrow the government. This year he spent January telling the House January 6 Select Committee about it. Or, more accurately, not telling them about it. In fact, when he wasn't taking the Fifth or accusing Rep. Adam Schiff of forging documents, he was forgetting how to spell his own name:

STAFF COUNSEL: Mr. Jones, could you please state your full legal name for the record?

Alexander Emerick Jones.

And I believe your first and last name are spelled in the traditional way. Could you please spell your middle name for the record?

JONES: You guys know what my name is. It's on the record.

STAFF COUNSEL: I'm just asking for the court reporter.

JONES: E-m — I'm so stressed out, I can't even spell it for you, so —

JONES'S LAWYER: E-m-e-r-i-C. [SIC]

JONES: That's right, E-m-i-r-c. [SIC]

Little did he know, that would be the high point, and the rest of 2022 would be all downhill.

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New Years Eve

2022: Oh Yeah, We Canceled ERREBODY

Yes, this post contains your annual allotment of Elon Musk.

2022 was another brutal year of liberal woke mob cancel culture. No one can remake Blazing Saddles in today’s hypersensitive reality, even though that film is readily available and there’s no real market for Western parodies. Once-powerful male comics are denied the opportunity to work in their chosen profession, with a few exceptions such as wealthy, entitled transphobe Dave Chappelle, chronic public masturbator Louis CK, and rapist scumbag Bill Cosby, who’s considering touring again in 2023.

Wait, before he was convicted in 2018 of at least some of the rapes, Cosby’s lawyers argued he was too old, too frail, and too blind to even stand trial let alone serve time in prison. Now that he’s free, he’s suddenly fit for a comeback. What a miraculous recovery!

Actually, reviewing our notes here, it seems as if liberals really dropped the cancel culture ball in 2022. We couldn’t even cancel two-time killer Kyle Rittenhouse, who spent most of 2022 refusing to shut up. Republicans had to pick up the slack and how!


What If The Real Cancel Culture Was 'People Freaking Out About Cancel Culture' All Along?

Kyle Rittenhouse Wishes People Were Held Accountable For Their Actions. That's It, That's The Joke.

Why Boring Conservatives Are Such a Drag About Drag

Wingnuts Still Addicted To Trans Panic

Elon Musk. Because When You're A Billionaire, They Let You Do it.

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New Years Eve

In 2022, Tucker Blazed New Trails For Putin's Propaganda And Incited New Levels Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Hatred

And racism and COVID vaccine lies and defending the January 6 terrorists and and and!

Tucker Carlson has always been actual dogshit, one of the worst Americans ever to live. But this year he outdid himself.

Tucker's real dad Vladimir Putin commenced a genocidal war against innocent people early in 2022, a war that's still going on, and that's given Tuck nightly opportunities to demonstrate just how much he's not on our side. And by "our," we mean real Americans, people who actually love this country for what it is and what it could be, as opposed to loving it specifically for the moments when it's been at its worst.

Just last week, Tucker took the opportunity of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a hero to all good and decent people, being on American soil to blood libel the guy.

But Tucker's been shilling against Ukraine and for Putin since the beginning of the war and before. We knew from the beginning that Tucker was on Putin's side, that he supported the genocidal invaders, because he told us so. And he's gotten so angry when people have pointed that out, by quoting him verbatim and showing videos of him saying it.

He has spread every disgusting piece of Kremlin propaganda he could, and for that he's been rewarded with heavy fawning on Russian state-run media.

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