New York City Error Alert Update

2005-1-25-ferrer.jpgSo the Island is still in one piece, despite multiple Bloombergian warnings to the contrary. (Not to mention that rare occurrence when the "You must chill" declamations come from Washington.) But has this stopped local political bickering and accusations of tails wagging dogs? Of course not.

Mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer was on the scene the instant the first Bahrainian comp lit major at Columbia had his Jansport manhandled.

Mr. Ferrer said he thought the city should take "every threat seriously." But his campaign was trying to capitalize on suspicions voiced by some New Yorkers that the mayor's announcement of a plot to bomb city subways last week was politically timed to interrupt a run of bad publicity over his decision to skip a debate at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

A white mayor of a megalopolis exacerbating race relations and the clash of civilizations in one fell swoop. And they say the world has changed.


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