New York GOP Announces a Pending Pirrouette

pirrouette.jpgDespite the fact that working in the United States Senate offers a person like Jeanine Pirro to do what she does best, namely, staring stupidly into space for extended periods of time, Republican Party officials are saying today that she will drop her bid to unseat New York Senator Hillary Clinton. A replacement candidate has not yet been named.

For her part, Clinton remains committed to "running as fast and hard as [she] can" for re-election. Of course, many snipers of barrel-bound fish imagine that at some point, Clinton becomes a factor in the 2008 Presidential election. That prospect has only been enhanced by the authority President Bush conferred on the office allowing him to wiretap the phones of American citizens. No more crying yourself to sleep with a glass of warm milk and a stack of FBI files, eh, Hill?

Officials: Sen. Clinton's GOP challenger to quit race [CNN]


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