New York Is Cold, But I Like Where I'm Living


  • Oh hey, that "Health Care Summit" was a failure, because Republicans are assholes and the Democrats are spineless. But at least Obama yelled at the crazy old man, John McCain. [Washington Post/BBC]
  • Does the NYT have some kind of secret magic information? "Here is a basic fact: If the House Democrats voted tomorrow to approve the Senate bill, health care reform would become the law of the land." [New York Times]
  • George W. Bush hadn't seen that awful old monster Dick Cheney since forever, but Bush was in DC for something yesterday and dropped by to visit Cheney's corpse, which then jumped up from the table and tried to kill everybody, again. [Mediaite]
  • Massive explosions all over Kabul. Dead people everywhere. Afghanistan: It's our own Vietnam, but we don't even have to care about it! [BBC/CNN]
  • New York should get about 16 inches of new snow today. It's so cold, we saw a squirrel gnawing off its own nuts in Central Park, to kill itself, by bleeding to death. [Bloomberg]

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