Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius made Barack Obama's short list for vice presidential candidates when it was thought he needed some ladies up in there, ladies besides the future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And boom just like that, "Kathleen Sebelius" was a household name! And then she spoke at the Democratic National Convention and everyone said,What a pleasant person, thank goodness she is not running for Veep as she is rather a dull public speaker. Then Obama nominated her to be the new Tom Daschle after the old Tom Daschle was revealed to be a tax cheat, and guess what?

(See title of post.)

The moral of the story is this: Everybody does their taxes wrong. EVERYBODY. Fortunately, Governor Sebelius erred to the tune of $7,000 over the course of three tax years, an amount so tiny that even Senate Republicans will probably give her a mulligan on this one.

Health nominee Sebelius reveals tax troubles [Los Angeles Times]


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