Newest DC-NYC Bus Service, with Bonus Reviews!

Newest DC-NYC Bus Service, with Bonus Reviews!

A fewlovers' quarrels aside, people in DC and New York City just love to visit each other. We love it enough that an industry of low-cost bus services has given birth to itself just to meet our human demands. Sure, it's not as sexy as a train, or as opulent as a fancy personal automobile, but that's what you get.

The only problem is that the bus lines are notoriously fickle, in both price and quality. Sure, you can get the occasional $1 promotional fare, but you may have to book the ticket three months in advance.

The Washington Post and Washingtonian provide handy guides to DC-NYC-DC bus fares, amenities and pick up/drop off locations. (They just need a little updating, which we will do now, for you.)

The newest bus line to serve the hungry masses, the Tripper Bus, took its maiden voyage just last week. Similar to the other lines, it claims to provide large seats, wireless internet, and $1 teaser fares. Its competitive advantage may well turn out to be its provision of electrical outlets, a luxury not yet prevalent on the bottom-dollar bus circuit (BoltBus is the only other line with outlets). Tripper Bus collects its passengers in Rosslyn and Bethesda.

Have you taken one of these buses? Tell us about it, here in the comments!


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