Newfound Sympathy for New Hampshirianites

NH1.jpg This is the press room for the ABC News/Facebook debates (of which they're only holding TWO back-to-back). Videographer Liz Glover and I have staked a spot here in the gymnasium of St. Anslem's college, which looks less like a college than some asshole prep school Mittens attended. It's actually called Saint Anselm college, and we know that because the school gave all press cards saying "DON'T" call it "St. Anslem's college". Like anyone gives a shit about this school? St. Anslem's it will be alllll night.

More to come from St. Anslem's Preparatory Middle School For Young Princes in the next hour or so. Debates -- the Party of Mittens first -- commence at seven! Liz went out to get our drinks.


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